What you need to know

  • I am an experienced video cameraman and commercial photographer based in Tauranga, New Zealand.
  • I have 10 years experience in news and current affairs at Mediaworks and have been filming for 18 years.
  • I have run my own freelance business successfully for 8 years in both Auckland and Tauranga.
  • I have previous experience working in a creative agency, major motion picture films, TV, Film and for many commercial clients.
  • Have a diploma in TV and Film from the New Zealand Film and Television Training School Christchurch 1996.

I manage large or small video and photography projects from start to finish.

I will help guide you on what's involved in the process, be upfront and easy to deal with.

Use my experience to avoid common mistakes and make good decisions to ensure your project is successful.


What you should know

I have an extensive range of equipment for both photography and video production, a full post production process and I use my network of other  talented freelancers when required for larger projects.

My strength is working well with people. I take care of my clients, make the process easy for them and I get the best out of people during the filming process.

I can often shoot both video and photography on the same shoot. This can save you time and money and add extra value to the project and your business.

You can afford me. Tell me your budget and I will work to it, I simply use the equipment and resources to match the production value of your project.